TrendoScope is a trends discovery platform designed to offer the ultimate solution for Trends Spotting. Enjoy our trend spotting tools: consumer trends: Trendroll, TrendOriginal. Web and Business trends: TrendsActions, TrendsSpotting blog, Trendfreaks facebook group.

Consumer trends:

Trend blogs directory

TrendRoll is a user- generated directory which maps out the best trendblogs on the web. Profiling the most exciting blogs - TrendRoll is designed to enrich your trends discovery.
Spotting Your Originals

TrendOriginal is dedicated to the great trends created or first discovered by YOU. At TrendOriginal we follow Original ideas that can set today′s trends or inspire the next.

Web and business trends:

Internet trends: marketing
research & predictions

TrendsSpotting blog is our professional observation of trends and their prospect. We follow internet users′ behaviors, review the latest marketing surveys, initiate our own search for trends and spice it with some practical insights.
TrendFreaks - facebook

Trendfreaks group in Facebook is dedicated to those of us who get a kick out of spotting and playing with trends. We use web trend tools to report interesting observations, display trends by stats and graphs initiate public discussions .
Follow the big ones and see
what′s cooking

TrendsActions is a business trend spotting tool. We follow the acquisitions made by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. TrendsActions presents portfolios of the acquired companies and profiles acquisitions by markets, time and money invested.

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